Introducing TDAUX

An Intelligent Collaborative Business Network (iCBN)


Unifying Organizations

A Platform that unifies all your suppliers, vendors, distributors, dealers, franchise holders and contractors, either existing or potential ones, under single roof.

An engine that drives and smoothens your business activities, it’s transparency and availability, opening endless possibilities for harmony, integrity and expansion.

Integrated Business Platform

‘TDAUX’ An Intelligent Collaborative Business Network that opens endless possibilities of collaboration across organizations and its operations.

A complete solution, not just a product! Seamlessly integrated band of functionalities, together maximizes the effectiveness.

Simplifies procurement, supply chain and distribution management, internal and external business functionalities.

Carefully adopted and implemented CLOUD & BIG-DATA technologies takes business functions to the next level of genesis.

A New Era of Data Exchange

Say good-bye to unsecured email attachments! Experience the secured and seamless exchange of data, using secured ‘T-Cloud’.

Indigenously developed encryption and access control system assures secured data delivery across organizations.

‘Need to Know Basis’ access control is now ‘A Reality’! Our highest level of compliance implementation assures very granular level access control on your documents.

Riding on ‘CLOUD’, Delivered on ‘SAAS’

At your service anywhere anytime!

No special installations, no dependencies.

Scale as you grow, avail when you want (Pay as you go).

Track your ‘SLA’ in real-time.

Move Your Business

Either you are a public sector or private sector; either you are a small, medium, large or very large organization ‘TDAUX’ is for you!

Designed and created to move your business to the next level.