A business platform

A 360° view of your entire business network at your fingertips to procure and distribute like never before


"It came to me as a testing request, on my very first encounter I was spellbound by it's essence. These guys have got it so right..!, It not only addresses business pain points, but also makes it a lot more easier affair."

Anil Mittal, Joint Managing Director (Procurement), Vasant Group

One Platform, Endless Possibilities.

Partner Network

Bring your entire supply chain network under one roof.

Business is not about networking, but about relations. Build your relations, before you need it. TDAUX is the platform to plant your relations and nourish your ecosystem.

Business on the go...

Your business your way, take decisions anytime, anywhere. A platform that is as dynamic as your business.

Keeping pace with constantly changing market dynamics is crucial to success; taking informed decisions in a timely manner is important. With TDAUX, you can access your data, documents and communications on the go; reach out to your partners, team members or other organizations in real-time, so you don’t just keep up—you get ahead.

RFQ, Auction, Tender

To master the art of procurement join TDAUX.

Finally a platform which can balance the complexity, compliance, transparency and process of your procurement lifecycle; right from vendor management to bid levelling & ordering, to spend tracking.


Integrated digital world for your business.

Reach out to your team, partners and other organizations, using our state of the art Business Messaging System, Event Scheduler, Permissioned Cloud Storage & File Sharing system, making space for effective collaboration to achieve together.

Do business with ease.