Our Story

Let’s do it over a cup of Coffee, grab one for yourself; we have ours!

Journey started back in 2003 when a young guy, working for one of the world’s biggest bank in Manhattan, started ‘Day-Dreaming’! and day by day it was getting intensified with utmost desire to leave the smooth surface of banking highway and go off road to explore the wilderness of entrepreneurship! By late 2005 his luxury banking life made him so much uncomfortable that he had only one option left! So he took the next flight, landed back in his home country and then went for trekking in the mountains of entrepreneurship, He is still out there in the wild…

People know the terrain of his dream as ‘ENVALE’; some like-minded young go-getters had joined him and they have a base camp at Ahmedabad-INDIA. ENVALE guys are on a mission of creating world-class technology platforms that can make modern complex life easy. Supporting the business community with simple, reliable, scalable and effective platform so that ‘Business’ can focus more on business!

A journey, that started with an intense desire, to itch an inch of difference, turned into a constant course of innovation and creativity. A band of techno-entrepreneurs joined the music that was started as a solo performance and the composition that came in to an existence is called ‘TDAUX’.

Meet the Musicians

Who are only serious about composing magical products; rest is just a play…

These are the peoples constantly shaping the concepts into reality, ideas into products that solves problem, improves productivity and makes your day, in the course they do use some technology but it is the difference in ‘Approach’, ‘Creative Innovations’ and ‘Persistence’, which generates the music! It’s true ‘Big things come in small packs’.

Bhupendra Shah Founder & Managing Director

While working for one of the world’s biggest Bank, he started webbing the concept of TDAUX, incubated it and then followed his inner voice. When it comes to Business Analysis, his sharp analytics creates amazing outputs. He sees everything as just DATA, and then goes for a ride with it. Landing directly on problematic areas, working & listening very patiently and passionate persistence are few demeanours he developed while working with world’s best fortune 50s, which gets augmented with his sharp analytical skills. His international encounters include names like ‘BNP Paribas’, ‘Time Warner’, ‘Marsh & McLennan. His versatile and visionary leadership has drive ENVALE in the area of niche IT -Platform development.

Nitesh Makwana Marketing Director

Marketing is his playground, product placing, market segmentation, search of new markets are the dices, which he is playing with for more than 20 years. He is very good at quick maths, dimension calculations, physics and mechanical design implications which is developed naturally while working with development and marketing of engineering products for all these years. His past engagements with India’s giants like TATA Steel, Reliance Industries, Uttam Galva, Zydus Cadila, NCP, Nestle India, LG Electronics are of a great value addition to his role in ENVALE.

Amitava Ghosh Chief Architect

When in 2000 ‘International Who’s Who’ was declared for Information Technology, his name came in as obvious; it was not a surprise for the people who know Amitava. When it comes to debate amount of references that he brings in leaves the opponent spellbound. A living encyclopedia, life time researcher and natural footballer. Sports don’t match with his personality, but that’s the odd fit you will find with him. Just like football, he seamlessly dribbles through thousands of lines of codes and whenever gets the chance scores from the penalty corner. His 20 plus years of professional engagement includes fortune 50s like BNP Paribas, McGraw Hill, AT&T and Lucent etc.

Partha Bhattacharya CTO

Literal meaning of his name is ‘Arjuna’, a centre character from ‘Mahabharata’, known for his archery and unmatched skill of locking an eye on the goal. When it comes to coding, he locks his eyes and then rest of the world cease to exists for him. He is frequently researching the latest trends in latest technologies and new-age Internet ideas. Architecting and designing solutions for various international giants like Cordys, J. P. Morgan, Chase Manhattan, French Telecom and NCB has given a natural edge of visualizing the 4th Dimension, which gets obvious when he chooses the technology to adopt and then seamlessly fits it in the product.